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Our most recent movie

SCARS (Of the past) Full Movie

SCARS (Of the past)

Seven students go on a camping trip that triggers a sinister chain of events when they end up on private property. Wealthy estate owner Barbara has a secret buried in the past that comes back to haunt those plotting against her and anyone getting close to her.

A student film devised and filmed in one week as part of an Act Too Arts Academy performance skills workshop. 

Some more of our work

Both of these musical movies were written, performed and filmed during lockdown by the students of Act Too

MARS - The Musical
The wicked Averton sisters are hell bent on closing theatres and selling off the spaces for their financial gain. In the process they trick some young talented performers into believing that they are creating a theatre culture and colony on Mars!

A musical story of life, pizza and virus!
Lauren Sorrenson is not feeling well. She has a cough and is having difficulty breathing. Soon her friends raise the alarm and the NHS comes to the rescue to save her life.

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